Goodbye Denmark, Hello Italy!

It was hard to believe that a week ago my life was a monotony, a litany of sameness, of despair, of relentless calls and frustratingly purposeless situations. In three days I'd met all kinds of new and interesting people, got lost (and found) wandering the charming streets of Copenhagen, tasted this and did that and saw etc., and now I was heading to Milan. I don't even know if I can separate three days of work out of the 900 days I worked at my last company. Each day seems to just be a ruthless repetition of every former day.....yet here in Europe I have three days that I'll never forget....I'm slightly overwhelmed with what possibilities are in store for the next 87 days I have left on my Visa!

Charming Street of Copenhagen, like what you would see in the children's book!

Little bakery close to where I stayed with the lovely lady that works there.

Græk Smag (Greek Taste) with the friendliest cafe owners, Ianni and Thanos.  I miss those guys!